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Nemo PDF Converter$29.95
Nemo PDF Converter
Efficient 3-in-1 PDF convert software to help you easily and exactly convert PDF to editable Word (*.doc, *.rtf) documents and convert Word/Excel (*.docx, *.doc,*.xlsx, *.xls) back to PDF in seconds.

• Preserve original text, tables, images, hyperlinks, etc.

• Support batch and partial conversion

• Support MS Office Word/Excel 97-2010

• Support Adobe 9.4 and its previous versions

Nemo All to PDF$29.95
Nemo All to PDF
Powerful 6-in-1 PDF utility designed to convert various printable documents to PDF accurately, including MS Office Word (*.docx, *.doc), Excel (*.xlsx, *.xls), PowerPoint (*.pptx, *.ppt), Notepad file (*.txt), HTML (*.htm, *.tml, *.xml), Images (*.bmp; *.jpg; *.jpeg; *.png; *.gif; *.rtf).

• Retain original text, layout formatting in generated PDF files

• Enable you to convert multiple files at one time

• Support password-protected printable files

Nemo Word to PDF$19.95
Nemo Word to PDF
Extremely easy-to-use PDF conversion tool designed to convert MS Office Word documents (*.docx, *.doc) to PDF files in an easy, fast and accurate way.

• Support Microsoft Office Word 97-2010 (*.docx, *.doc)

• Original formatting persevered after conversion, like texts, images and hyperlinks

• Support batch conversion and encrypted Word conversion

Nemo Excel to PDF$19.95
Nemo Excel to PDF
Easy and fast PDF conversion tool designed to convert MS Office Excel spreadsheets (*.xlsx, *.xls) to PDF with original formatting and layout persevered.

• Support Microsoft Office Excel 97-2010 (*.xlsx, *.xls)

• Keep original texts, images, hyperlinks intact

• Support batch conversion and encrypted Excel conversion


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